Professional Help with Grad School Applications

Applying for master’s and PhD programs is a difficult and joyless task. The application process is complicated and tedious. Completing the application is stressful because you know that if you make one wrong move your application will be rejected without your skills and experience being adequately considered.

Grad school places are limited, and the competition for them is fierce. Application committees will assess you by how well you express yourself in your application materials. It is vital that your writing be clear, precise, and grammatically correct. To land your perfect academic placement successfully, you need your words to be in excellent English.

Hiring a second set of eyes to look over your application materials is an investment in your future. It is absolutely vital if English is not your first language. I have taught at universities in the US and UK for 17 years. I can help you polish your application packet and assist you in writing excellent cover letters and personal, research, and teaching statements. I will review all of your materials and double check that you are fulfilling all of the requirements of the institutions to which you are applying.

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