About Us

We provide writing and editing services for any type of document, from small communications such as Web ads and signs, to medium-sized documents such as letters and application packets, to large and complex professional articles and books. Our clients include individuals and businesses.

Each of us has worked professionally in communications for over two decades, in United States, United Kingdom, and Czech Republic,  and we have earned advanced degrees in relevant fields. We have been in business since 2004 and specialize in:

◊ Polishing English for nonnative speakers
◊ Manuscript editing for journal articles in the fields of medicine, dentistry, education, and the humanities
◊ Manuscript editing for academic articles (We do not write term papers for students.)
◊ Writing marketing and training copy
◊ Writing Web site or newsletter content

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, but have clients worldwide.

Because every client has unique needs and we wish to serve you the best way possible, we will give you a firm quote after we talk with you about your specific needs.

Please contact us for a free quote on your project: